Welcome, Selamat Datang, Kopivosian


The Borneo Paradise Beach Hotel is a 52-room resort with an idyllic location directly on the beach. It is the ideal location for a family get-away, and for meetings, seminars and conferences.

The hotel boasts a spacious beautifully landscaped garden, a refreshing swimming pool as well as plenty of room for activities. This is the place to come to and relax and take a break from your daily worries. Lets us serve you and feed you in the traditional Sabahan way.

The building itself (the śWalai Ł) is architecturally designed in a symbolic way to represent the roots of the indigenous culture. The Walai is conceptualized to represent the basic elements in the indigenous culture. In the centre is the tangkob (the area where, traditionally the precious padi (rice) was stored. The tangkob, therefore is the source of food, and symbolically, of life.). The tangkob is roofed by the suing (the traditional conical-shaped hat made from bamboo skin which provided a much needed shelter from the burning sun) and is flanked on each side by a row of long houses comprising a total of 52 rooms. The rooms face either the sea or the garden, these being the principle economic forces in the lives of the indigenous people.

The Walai is uniquely Sabah. While it offers visitors all the comfort and facilities of a modern resort, it radiates her land and her people, and proclaims the spirit of Knowledge, Culture, Art and Nature. It is a unique experience. It is a salute to the past, the present and the future.